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Cautions! Daily Use Considerations of Sex Doll

What should be avoided when using the doll?Here we explain in detail the topics of what should be avoided when using and storing, so that it maintains the doll youth and beauty.

1.Avoid sharp objects.

Whether it is a silicone doll or a TPE doll, you should stay away from sharp metal, glass and anything else that may scratch or stab the d Why?Silicone and TPE materials have good elasticity and toughness. They can effectively resist heavy pressure and tearing, but they act similar to real skin and are easily punctured by sharp objects such as knives.

2.Keep away from high temperatures and fires.

Why? During the production process, flammable mineral oil extracts are added to both TPE and silicone do This makes it important to kept them away from high temperature objects and store them in a cool and dry place, which also aids in reducing the amount of oil they produced.

3.Avoid dyeing.

Try not to dress the doll in cheaper quality clothing that are dark or colorful. Why? As mentioned earlier, TPE and silicone dolls are added with mineral oil during the manufacturing process which causes them to have oily characteristics that have a low resistance to colorants. High colour colorants are found in dark and bright clothing, so discoloration can occur during prolonged exposure to these fabrics. To avoid this, we recommend clothing made from polyester, acrylic, or other fabrics that do not dye e For newly purchased clothes, it is recommended to soak them in salt water for 2-3 hours then wash them before placing them on the doll.

4.Avoid using corrosive substances.

If your doll isbecoming discolored, do not wiped it with corrosive liquids such as acids or al Also, do not use alcohol as an disinfectant when cleaning, and avoid a hard wipe down when trying to get rid of stains. Why? Strong acids, alkali, and alcohol all corrode the skin of the doll, and a hard wipe down may lead to damaging of the skin. This is especially true when buying a doll with body makeup. A hard wipe may cause the makeup to fade.

5.The position should be changed regularly.

Don’t keep the doll placed in a single position for an overly extended period of time especially if it is causing stress to the joints. Why? Parts of the doll that are placed under long periods of stress may cause long -term damage such as wrinkling or structural damage. (The same is true for humans, but humans are made of cells and cells areconstantly multiplying and replaced so they recover q Not true for dolls!)