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Exploring FunWestDoll’s Finger Options: Application and Difference


FunWestDoll is a manufacturer renowned for its high-quality and versatile dolls, offering a variety of finger options to cater to different customers’ needs. In this article, we’ll introduce and analyze their three primary finger options: Normal Finger, Articulate Finger, and the combination of Hand Palm& Wrist Joint, highlighting their features and uses.

Normal finger

Normal finger is a basic finger option offered by FunWestDoll. They do not have joints, and the wrist cannot rotate. The primary characteristic of these fingers is stability and sturdiness, making them suitable for simple poses and display. Users who opt for wire fingers generally desire their doll to maintain relatively static positions and do not require intricate hand movements. This is a cost-effective choice ideal for customers who lean towards a traditional style.

Articulate Finger

Articulate Finger provide more flexibility, as they come with joints, and the wrist can move forward, backward, and from side to side. This allows the doll to achieve a wider range of hand gestures and poses. However, it’s important to note that the range of motion with articulate finger is limited and cannot accommodate extreme movements. This option is suited for customers who want their doll to have some hand mobility.

Hand Palm& Wrist Joint

The combination of wrist joint and hand palm offers a unique choice. It permits the doll’s wrist to pivot 90 degrees in the forward and backward directions, providing a significant range of motion. However, this option does not include left-to-right movement, and the wire fingers themselves lack joints. It’s an ideal choice for customers who desire their doll to perform substantial hand movements but don’t require left-to-right mobility.


FunWestDoll’s doll finger options provide a variety of choices to meet different users’ needs. Whether it’s stability, some hand mobility, or extensive hand movements, there is a suitable option available. Customers can select the finger option that aligns with their preferences and requirements to create a unique doll that meets their expectations.

We hope this article helps you. If you need further information or additional details, please feel free to let us know.