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Truly Fun and Realistic Sex Doll Manufacturers — FunWestDoll

Funwest sex doll factory is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China – the mecca center for sex doll production. We focus on the creation and development of sex dolls that truly satisfy customer fantasy and desire. As a leading sex dolls manufacturer, FunWestDoll is committed to sex dolls wholesale and works closely with trusted sex doll companies/sex doll stores to grow together.

Collaborating Sex Doll Shops

Why are FunWest Dolls an ideal partner for sex doll stores and sex doll websites? 

The benefits of becoming a partnering sex doll distributor for FunWest Doll:

– Safe, Best-selling, High-quality Products: Built from high-quality medical-grade raw materials and manufactured using precision craftsmanship

– Good Profit Margins: Compared to same quality items, Funwest Doll acquires materials at preferential pricing and operates a highly-efficient cost control system allowing for optimal sex doll price margins for partners and savings for customers

– High-quality Service Support: Great communication and fast email response times. Emails are normally responded to within the space of 1 hour on weekdays. All are responded to within 24 hours

– Large Production Capacity: Efficient production lines at state-of-the-art factories ensuring competitive sex doll production lead times and on-time delivery

– Long-term Relationships: With a vision of long-term development and partnership, FunWest truly protects the rights and interests of its dealers.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized distributor of FunWest Doll, please contact [email protected] for more sex doll business information.

Safe, Best-selling, High-quality Sex Doll Products

  • Sourcing of Premium Materials:

FunWest Dolls only source premium production materials. We work with top suppliers carefully selecting all raw materials. Products are made of medical-grade TPE and silicone which are both safe and reliable. All sex dolls are CE/ROHS/FDA quality verified. Better production materials guarantee longer durability and an all-around better experience.

  • An Industry Leader in Production Technology and Quality Control 

FunWest Dolls operate state-of-the-art production lines with a total of 16 production and quality inspection processes to ensure product excellence. Through skilled manufacturing techniques and detailed craftmanship, sex dolls are given unprecedented realistic skin tones, features, and sensations. Skin texture, Evo skeleton, heating, sound effects, and other add-on features can all be customized to your liking.

  • Innovative Design, a Variety of Categories

With innovative designs based on future trends and customer needs, and a continuous introduction of new products centered around current fashions, FunWest offers numerous series each with its own wide range of products. There are dozens of well-designed choices to choose. You can rest assured, FunWest Doll does all it can to help its partners stay ahead of the curve in the industry.

Healthy Sex Doll Profit Margins 

  • Partner Discounts

With FunWest Doll, you’ll receive profitable wholesale plans and pricing through lucrative reseller discounts. The same quality product at discounted prices. The larger your purchase quantity the more discounts you receive, giving you massive price advantages in a competitive market.

  • A Stable Retail Pricing System

FunWest Doll has developed an advanced retail pricing system to avoid malicious price competition and protect the interests of our distributors. Under such a system all you need to do is focus on attracting customers. The more focus on customers, the more you will sell, and the more profitable you are!

FunWest Doll wants to be your best partner. For more information on wholesale plans, please contact [email protected]

Excellent Support Service

FunWest Doll is committed to finding long-term partners. As such, we set up the infrastructure to provide excellent service and support to help our partners operate easier and more profitably.

  • Strong Production Capacity, Stable Supply Chainand On-time Delivery. 

As a leading sex doll manufacturer, our sex doll factories are equipped with state-of-the-art production lines ensuring top production efficiency. With established and stable supply chain channels, we can easily and consistently produce over 1000+ sex dolls each month, drastically reducing production lead times.

  • Supported by a Professional and Responsive Customer Service Team

We manage a professional customer service team to provide professional pre-sales and after-sales services.

We offer full tracking support and promise quick and easy communication. With a fully-staffed support center, during work days all emails are generally replied to within 1 hour, and all are guaranteed a reply within 24 hours.

  • Engaged in Regular Sex Doll Discount Campaigns, Helping Dealers Achieve Sales Growth 

We run marketing campaigns on a regular basis and provide marketing and promotion content for all our dealers. Our Free Doll and First-class Delivery campaigns have been extremely popular and were successful in growing dealer sales.

  • Official Certification, Certificate of Authorization, Assisting and Aiding with Dealer Promotion 

We display all authorized dealers on our official sex doll website to arouse public awareness, and aid in promotions to increase website traffic for our dealer’s.

Sex Doll Factory Workshop

We look forward to working with partners and, together, building long-term partnerships in an effort to foster, develop, and standardize the market! Interested? Get in contact with us!