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Karrot’s Unboxing Review: A Detailed and Insightful Perspective


Discover the captivating world of doll collecting as we present an insightful review of the FWD075 #038 Asian Alice doll. In this blog post, we proudly feature the expertise of Karrot, a dedicated doll enthusiast, who provides a comprehensive unboxing and evaluation of this remarkable doll. Delve into Karrot’s meticulous assessment, as they offer a brand’s perspective on the doll’s design, craftsmanship, and overall appeal. Join us on this enchanting journey, exploring the FWD075 #038 Asian Alice doll through Karrot’s discerning lens.

The doll arrived in the expected 142x40x30 cm plain brown box. The expected customs inspections were evident with the banging being cut under the tape, but the box had been resealed well. Aside from address stickers and what looked like a factory reference sticker, the packaging was discrete and gave no indication of the content.

The box itself is double-wall cardboard and has wood reinforcement at each end and along the sides.

Once open I was greeted with oodles of Airpak over the usual “Fluffy Blanket of Ultimate Doll Comfort”

The Accessories Bag, Wigs, and separately wrapped Head are all placed over the floof

Under the fluffy blanket, the doll is wrapped in a soft cloth bag, with hands and feet separately wrapped in foam. The shoulders are cushioned with foam as is the top of the neck, so poor courier handling shouldn’t cause the dreaded neck crushes that we have seen in the past.

  1. Wigs
  2. TPE Block
  3. Comb
  4. Cleaning Bulb
  5. Heating Stick (USB)
  6. QR and Threaded (shipped in the head) head connectors
  7. Cotton Gloves
  8. User Manual (Insert Human is just part of it…..)
  9. Certificate of Authenticity
  10. Satin Wrap Top and Thong
  11. I also requested some extra eyes so I could experiment.

The head travels securely between the legs as is usual, and is separately wrapped in foam and a soft cloth bag. There is a plastic protector over the entire face inside the bag.

Some more Pics of the Hand and Feet protection

Once you’ve got her out and reunited her with her head, dress her in the supplied satin outfit and admire

OK, so let’s get on to the lovely lady herself. I asked for as close to the product pics a possible, and wasn’t disappointed. Now I will say this. The tog who too those knows how to shift perspective! The doll is 155cm, but the promo pics do make her seem larger due to the camera angles. Bravo to that tog, my hat goes off to them. FunWest also does something that I wish all manufacturers would do and that’s what I call “The Honesty Shots”. If you look on any of their product pages there is a simple full frontal and Rear standing shot of the doll so you can see exactly what the body shape is like, what the leg-to-body ratio is, and all the other stuff that gets obscured in an artistic sales shot. Link again here so you can see what I mean So what do we get? Well, we get a TPE doll with a jointed steel skeleton that is on par with the other manufacturers out there.

The Skeleton

The Neck is a 2 axis jointed neck providing forward/backward/side-to-side movement with an M16 threaded socket at the top. The provided head connectors both screwed in smoothly.

The shoulders on the review doll are shrugging, this is a cost option on the website. Shoulders move forwards/backwards and up/down as expected. The shoulder also rotates forwards/backwards and extends out to the side as expected.

The elbows are double jointed allowing for the forearm to flex up against the upper arm, the elbow is also capable of side-to-side rotation.

The wrist on this doll provides and up/down flex of 180′ and a full rotation on the cuff. This joint is not as stiff as the rest of the skeleton but still holds posed positions well.

This review doll has the palm plate and wrist joint cost option (due to an ordering misunderstanding by me) which gives a jointed wrist and palm plate with wire fingers Articulated fingers are a cost option. There is a “no-cost” option of wire wrist and fingers, but this should be avoided if you are looking for any degree of possibility in the hands.

The wire fingers on this doll pose well and take very little force to move them.

The mid-spine joint offers Forward/Backward/Sideways bending along with rotation of the upper torso

The hips offer the usual Forward/Backward/Sideways bending and are nicely stiff from the factory. This stiffness allows the doll to maintain many poses and support its own weight in poses where the hands traditionally would have needed to aid in support. (See later posed pictures)

The knees are double-jointed allowing the doll to almost completely sit on its own feet, they also have a side-to-side rotation to allow crossed legs, etc.

The ankle is strong and stiff but only gives an Up/Down movement to the foot, there is no side-to-side rotation. I chose non-standing feet as I rarely stand my dolls and preferred the cleaner look of the sole without the foot bolts, but I have no doubt that the standing option (a cost option) will have the same construction with the added visible trio of bolts on the sole.

All in all the skeleton is good. Joints are stiff but smooth and feel like they should retain that stiffness over time. Obviously, this has metal on metal joints which will loosen over time as all TPE dolls do, but I don’t feel the skeleton in this doll with loosen up with any undue haste.

With all that covered we get to the possibility of the doll. To be honest, I was impressed. It’s a flexible skeleton, and with this doll being fairly petite in its proportions, we could get poses we haven’t been able to with others.

The TPE has a good feel to it. It is firm enough to feel like you are touching something with substance but soft enough that there is tactile feedback which makes you want to be gentle. Out of the box, the TPE was smooth to the touch but, as with all TPE, will require powdering regularly to maintain that smooth feel. The oiliness was not excessive and I would expect it to diminish over the first few weeks, as will the expected, and often savored, New TPE Doll Smell. The smell out of the box was noticeable, but neither strong nor pungent. After a week, I find I must press my nose into the head or between the breasts (oh….the hardship) to really smell it.

Body Details

There’s some care and attention gone into the detailing on the body, both in the sculpt and the after-casting paint.

There are subtle suggestions of musculature on the shoulders, stomach, legs, and feet. The Hips are defined with hints of the pelvic bone underneath. The back shows a strong spinal line and shoulder blades, and hints of back dimples above the buttocks.

The hands have details for knuckles and tendons with well-placed acrylic nails. There is also some light detailing on the palms

The legs again show good sculpting of musculature with defined kneecaps and hamstrings. For those who like a lower leg, the calves are beautifully sculpted and give a heavenly tactile feel when encased in nylon.

The Feet are well detailed on top and on the sole and should satisfy any pedophile out there, though the usual skeleton-free toes does mean they have that jelly jiggle we all know and love from TPE feet.

The breasts on this model are part and well separated. The usual options of Solid, Hollow, or gel-filled are available at various costs on the website. This doll has gel-filled breasts and this gives them a nice soft feel and some jiggle. They are neither large enough nor soft enough to move under gravity as some of the larger TPE gel breasts out there will, but this does not detract at all from their charm.

The Genital region is detailed and well-sculpted
offering the usual vaginal and anal entries. The TPE between the 2 entries is approximately ¾ inch thick and so should withstand even enthusiastic use, and is soft enough to allow for the necessary expansion to accommodate various-size humans.

As for the discussion of LHP, I will not give an opinion. The photos here and on the FunWest website show clearly what the positioning is, so you can determine for yourselves whether or not this doll would be good for you.

Areas of the body have a pink hue applied to add further depth to the details and skin tone.

So finally we come to the head and face. The bit that we all fall for. Even if you profess to be a leg man or a Boob lover, or that a badonkadonk ass is all she needs, you’ll sooner or later be looking at what’s above her neck.

Looking around the FunWest website you will come to realise that faces are something they take seriously. Each doll has her own charms, her own features, and her own inbuilt personality that comes out in the promo photos. The Asian Alice head which I received is exactly as the website showed it. The makeup is done carefully and is authentic to the promotional photos. Eyelashes are carefully glued on top and bottom, eyebrows are drawn on and show individual hairs, and the sheen on the lips is also present out of the box. Ears are proportionate and well-detailed.

The head is cast over a resin ‘skull’ with incorporates the M16 neck connector.

The eyes are the usual 30mm ½ round eyes with fibrefill backing to provide some spring, and are moveable within a reasonable range.

In Summary, then, the FWD075#038 doll designated as Asian Alice is certainly a doll capable of giving the other dolls in the playground some competition. The detailing across both the face and body combined with the care with which these are applied in the factory gives her a life right from the box, and a few minutes gazing into her eyes should melt even the most jaded and stony heart. And if you like the sound of that, this is what she could look like waiting for you in bed……

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