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Affiliate Program

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Commission Income: By referring others to purchase products or services, affiliate members can earn up to an 8% commission based on the sales amount.

Evergreen Earnings: It can serve as a relatively evergreen source of income, allowing affiliate members to continue earning even without actively working.

No Inventory or Logistics: Affiliate members are not required to purchase or manage inventory, nor handle shipping and customer service issues, as those are handled by the product or service provider.

Low Startup Costs: Most affiliate programs do not require high initial investments and typically only need basic promotional resources. Flexible Working Hours: Affiliate programs often allow members to work according to their own schedule and work preferences.

Payment Cycle: Our payment cycle is established as 2 months. If an order remains unfinished within the current month, the corresponding commission will be postponed and accounted for in the subsequent month’s payment. It is important to emphasize that commissions are exclusively provided for orders that have been successfully fulfilled. Any unpaid or canceled orders will be deemed invalid and disqualified from commission eligibility.

Method of transfer: Pay with PayPal, fees are to be borne by the customer.

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