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Breaking News: Updates from the US Warehouse!

While everyone is happily celebrating the New Year holiday, we are delighted to announce that the latest dolls from FunWestDoll US warehouse have arrived! This update brings a range of stunning new styles that cater to those seeking the perfect companion. Are you ready to welcome the latest doll treasures? Keep scrolling down to explore the detailed inventory of the newly arrived dolls.

All of these dolls are equipped with advanced options to meet your diverse customization preferences. These options include articulated fingers, EVO skeleton, fixed vagina, standing feet, gel-filled breasts, fixed tongue. We strive to fulfill your desires by ensuring that you receive your favorite doll in the shortest possible time, just like the magical Doraemon’s dream box.

Buy now and get 10% discount directly, so act now!

FWD088 #037 Bella

FWD050 #029 Sophiemina

These two dolls (FWD088 & FWD050) are New Year’s style, with only 5 available for each doll. As a special offer, They come with free identical clothing.

FWD048 #029 Sophiemina

FWD066 #035 Chloe

FWD070 #036 Lily

FWD052 #031 Eudora

FWD079 #038 Alice

FWD073 #037 Bella

FWD075 #038 Alice

FWD076 #037 Bella

FWD010 #020 Princesa

FWD031 #026 Lexie

The above are all the doll styles in this update. Moreover, we are committed to providing excellent customer service. FunWestDoll team is ready to answer your questions, offer professional advice, and ensure a worry-free shopping experience. You can shop with confidence, as we provide a safe and reliable shopping environment, along with fast and trackable shipping services. Let’s keep our anticipation high and continue to listen to more voices.