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Explore FunWestDoll’s New Silicone Doll Series-FS series

In late January 2024, during the AVN show held in Las Vegas, USA, FunWestDoll unveiled four prototype silicone doll heads, marking the debut of the innovative silicone doll series. Although these dolls were not available for purchase at that time, the photos from our booth sparked considerable excitement among doll enthusiasts, who were eager to know when we could get our hands on these silicone beauties. The wait is finally over! FunWestDoll’s much-anticipated FS series silicone dolls are now available.

Origin of the Series Name

The name “FS” is an acronym for FunWest Silicone, which might seem like a straightforward choice, but it took us three meetings to settle on. We considered other names like FunSil, FunReal, and Fantasy, but ultimately decided to keep it simple with “FS.” The dolls in this series are identified by the SKU prefix “FSD.”

First Batch of Dolls

The first batch features 10 silicone dolls, ranging from FSD001 to FSD010, including 3 with Asian influences and 7 with Western styles.

Explore the debut collection of FunWestDoll’s FS series, where each doll is inspired by the creative visions of our makeup artists. These dolls blend stunning aesthetics with unique personalities, reflecting a diverse range of styles.

FSD001, Alexa

  • Height and Bust: 157cm, D cup
  • Head Model: #045S, a fresh design specific to silicone, not adapted from TPE.
  • Characteristics: Alexa features striking, defined features, inspiring our makeup artist to give her a punk makeover. Drawing inspiration from Polaris, the daughter of Magneto, her smoky eyes complemented by green hair exude a cool, edgy vibe perfectly suited to her sharp features.
  • Height and Bust: 166cm, F cup
  • Head Model: #046S, another newly designed silicone head
  • Characteristics: Juliette’s pale, smooth skin transforms her into a breathtaking Russian beauty. As she steps under a waterfall-like shower, the water cascades over her skin like silk, her wet hair draped over her shoulders, adding an extra touch of allure.
  • Height and Bust: 160cm, E cup
  • Head Model: #047SJ, with S denoting silicone and J for jaw.
  • Characteristics: Cherie has smaller eye sockets which, when paired with blue eyes, resemble a misty blue lake. Her allure is magnified by the lazy afternoon sun filtering into the room, capturing the essence of a relaxed French girl enjoying her leisure time.
  • Height and Bust: 160cm, E cup
  • Head Model: #046S, featuring FunWestDoll’s signature wheat-colored skin, adding to her sex appeal.
  • Characteristics: Juliette, a social butterfly, often graces various galas in her champagne-colored dress that beautifully outlines her shapely curves.
  • Height and Bust: 160cm, E cup
  • Head Model: #035S, a silicone adaptation of our popular TPE model #35.
  • Characteristics: Already a favorite in the TPE line, Chloe embraces the world of cosplay, having portrayed characters like Makima and Mikasa Ackerman. In her silicone form, she now brings to life Albedo with a yandere makeup, long waist-length hair, and golden irises, encapsulating a devilishly beautiful allure.
  • Height and Bust: 168cm, D cup
  • Head Model: #026S. This 168cm body features hyper-realistic skin textures, a unique feature in this first batch.
  • Characteristics: Lexie, a well-known figure from our TPE series, takes on a bartender persona inspired by the game Identity V, not as an exact replica but styled with smoky eye makeup and a blush that suggests a tipsy cheer.
  • Height and Bust: 160cm, E cup
  • Head Model: #27S, now also in silicone.
  • Characteristics: Jasmine, a versatile beauty, now sports a tan that turns heads. Her robust, sun-kissed curves conjure images of a free-spirited surfer girl basking in the sunshine.
  • Height and Bust: 160cm, E cup
  • Head Model: #48S, with distinctly Western facial features.
  • Characteristics: Natalia, a Russian hybrid, exudes the mature allure of a femme fatale. Her bikini outlines her seductive figure, with a leopard print that speaks of a wild elegance and a kittenish charm.

FSD009, Lucy

  • Height and Bust: 159cm, A cup.
  • Head Model: #032S, adapted from a TPE model.
  • Characteristics: Lucy, the girl next door, was seen one quiet afternoon sitting peacefully. With minimal makeup, she resembles a gentle breeze of summer—subtle yet enchanting as she delicately handles a paintbrush.
  • Height and Bust: 159cm, A cup.
  • Head Model: #038S, another TPE to silicone adaptation.
  • Characteristics: Playful and cute, Alice now cosplays as Yumeko Jabami, the gambling maniac beneath her innocent appearance. Her long black hair and red eyes transform her into a beautiful lady by day and a wild gambler by night.

In the first batch, there are a total of 9 head sculpts. Among them, 5 are familiar faces, revised from TPE to silicone. They are Chloe, Lexie, Lucy, Alice, and Jasmine. Additionally, there are 4 newly designed head sculpts: Alexa, Juliette, Cherie, and Natalia. Among these, Cherie (#047SJ) is the only one in this batch with a movable jaw.

In the first batch, there are 5 body types. Among them, the 168cm model is the only one with ultra-realistic skin texture. Does this mean that the other body types are not realistic? Not at all. The other bodies also feature very realistic skin textures; however, the 168cm body has enhanced details on top of that. Take a look at the pictures below to feel and compare the differences.

ultra-realistic skin texture-168cm D-cup

Aside from the inherent qualities of silicone—ultra-realism, enhanced softness, and superior skin detail—the FS series stands out for its extensive customization options. Right from the launch, four skin tones were available, with a wide range of other customizable features.

Built-in Options: Standing feet, shrugging/EVO skeleton, hard feet, hard hands, finger bones, gel-filled breasts, fixed tongue (soft head)

External Options: Hyper-realistic body makeup, implanted eyebrows, eyelashes, wigs, pubic hair, body and facial freckles

Functional Options: Movable jaw, oral heating (soft heads only), five-point moaning system, vaginal auto-suction

Accessory Options: nipple nail and navel nail, a wide range of wigs, two kinds of eyeballs, replaceable vagina, hanging hooks, head stands, adjustable adapters, flight cases, silicone repair glue (20ml)

The lead time for a single head is 7-15 days. If implanted hair or eyebrows are required, the production time will be longer. The lead time for a single body is also two weeks. Therefore, the production time for a complete doll is 15 days or so.

  • Can the lower body be separated?

Yes, it can be separated. The installation method is the same as for TPE dolls.

  • Is soft butt optional?

Currently, this option is not available. Soft buttocks can deform easily during transport, so it is not recommended.

  • Is the body makeup permanent?

 The body makeup is fixed, but areas like the breasts, labia, and anus that are frequently used will experience some wear.

  • What functional options are available?

As mentioned earlier, the functional options include a movable jaw, oral heating (for soft heads only), a five-point sound system, and vaginal suction.

  • Is there only one ROS head? Will others be made?

Currently, only one head can be made with ROS. Other heads with ROS options are under development and should be available soon.

  • Can I purchase a single head?

Yes, single silicone heads are available for purchase.

We hope this blog provides a comprehensive understanding of the new FS series. Join our Discord server to discuss and ask questions.