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FS Series

Introduction of the FS Series

Funwestdoll proudly presents the FS Series, our most innovative collection yet, launched on June 18, 2024. This extraordinary series features ten dazzling models, blending upgraded TPE designs with brand-new creations. Each doll is engineered to deliver an incredibly lifelike experience, pushing the boundaries of realism and quality.

The collarbone is beautifully defined, closely ​mimicking that of a real lady, with skin textures ​that are remarkably lifelike and clearly visible.

The abdominal creases closely resemble those ​of a real human when sitting, with skin textures ​remaining impressively clear. This body is the ​168 D model, the only one in the 1st batch ​featuring upgraded skin textures.

The nipple and areola appears incredibly realistic ​and natural. The veins are visible on the boost, ​making it difficult to distinguish whether it’s a ​real person or a doll! Speaking of the breasts, the ​gel-filled breast option naturally comes to mind, ​and the good news is that it is now included as a ​default option!

The feet display prominent veins and visible ​blood vessels, with a beautifully crafted size and ​shape that will appeal to foot enthusiasts. ​Options include regular feet, standing with ​bolts, and hard feet, with standing with bolts as ​the default.

Body Makeup

Our makeup artist is ​painting red veins on the ​doll’s body with a fine brush ​to make them look real and ​detailed. This careful work ​shows FunWestDoll’s ​dedication, with every step ​done with great care.

Movable Jaw (ROS)

Next is the concept of the movable jaw, originally introduced by YourDoll. This feature allows the doll to open and close its mouth, significantly enhancing realism and interactivity, and enabling oral sex. The ROS, or realistic oral structure, includes a jawbone and an interior that closely mimics the human mouth, complete with a tongue, teeth, and lifelike inner wall.

Articulated Fingers

This image showcases the doll’s hands with articulated fingers, ​demonstrating the flexibility of the finger joints, allowing the fingers ​to be posed in various positions. The palm’s texture is pre-etched into ​the mold, giving it a realistic feel similar to a human hand. The veins are ​also prominently raised, enhancing the lifelike appearance and tactile ​experience.

Standing Feet

The abdominal creases closely resemble those of a real human when sitting, with skin textures remaining impressively clear. This body is the 168 D model, the only one in the 1st batch featuring upgraded skin textures.

Silicone Doll VS TPE Doll

Neck Connected Adaptor(M16)

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Body Collection

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