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FunWestDoll’s Unforgettable Experience at AVNEXPO: A Review


AVNEXPO, held in Las Vegas from January 25th to January 27th, was an incredibly successful event for FunWestDoll, a prominent player in the love doll industry. Our team had the privilege of showcasing our exceptional dolls, and we are thrilled to share our experience with you.

Impressive Preparations

On January 24th, our team arrived at the EXPO scene, fully prepared for the show. While most of our members had little experience in dressing or posing dolls, their talent shone through, and they did an outstanding job. Our booth was meticulously arranged, featuring eye-catching brochures, informative cards, and even some delightful snacks. Our primary objective was to provide the best experience possible for our clients and visitors.

Exciting Start and Unexpected Feedback

The first day of the EXPO, January 25th, filled us with excitement and a touch of nervousness as we wondered about the number of visitors expected. To our pleasant surprise, the Stigma Team approached us for an interview, which brought significant attention to our booth both online and offline. This unexpected recognition amplified our presence at the EXPO and attracted a substantial number of visitors.

Delightful Engagement

Throughout the three days of the EXPO, we had the pleasure of engaging with numerous visitors who showed genuine interest in our dolls. The final day proved to be the busiest, with a constant flow of people coming to our booth. It was heartening to witness our team members, enthusiastically conversing with visitors, and providing delightful and informative interactions for all.

Future Aspirations

As the EXPO came to a close on January 27th, we looked back with pride at the successful conclusion of our participation. We cleaned up the booth, bidding farewell to the event with a sense of fulfillment. Looking ahead to 2024 and 2025, FunWestDoll has exciting plans focused on silicone transformation, aiming to bring even better products to the industry. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, captivating and delighting our customers with our dolls.

Participating in AVNEXPO was an unforgettable experience for FunWestDoll. From our impressive preparations and exceptional talent to unexpected recognition and continuous engagement with visitors, the event highlighted our dedication and passion for the doll industry. As we reflect on our time at AVNEXPO, we eagerly anticipate the future, with a strong focus on silicone transformation, enhancing the quality and reality of TPE dolls, and a promise to deliver exceptional products to the industry in the coming years.