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Choosing the Perfect Breasts for Your FunWestDoll: Solid, Gel-Filled, and Hollow Options Explained


Are you ready to embark on a journey of tantalizing choices and exquisite sensations? At FunWestDoll, we understand that individual preferences vary, which is why we’re thrilled to introduce you to our exceptional range of TPE sex dolls, each with a distinct breast type. Join us as we explore the captivating world of FunWestDoll’s three incredible breast options: Hollow, Gel-Filled, and Solid. Plus, stay tuned for a special offer that you won’t want to miss- free gel-filled breasts this month! In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into the characteristics of our three unique breast types: Solid, Gel-Filled, and Hollow, and guide you on which type is best suited for your chosen doll.

Solid Breasts: The Weighty Choice

Solid breasts come as a standard configuration at no additional cost, making them an excellent choice if your selected doll does not have exceptionally large breasts. It’s important to note that solid breasts are heavier than the other two breast types. Therefore, opting for solid breasts on a doll with a naturally large bust may lead to breast sagging and make it challenging to handle the doll comfortably.

In general, sex dolls with smaller breasts, such as A-cup to C-cup sizes, are ideally suited for solid breasts. The added weight of solid breasts complements the doll’s physique and ensures a realistic experience without sacrificing comfort.

Gel-Filled Breasts: The Bountiful Choice

Gel-filled breasts, on the other hand, are perfect for those seeking a voluptuous experience. Typically, larger-breasted dolls, from C-cup and above, are well-suited for gel-filled breasts. This is because the gel-filled breast construction involves fixing two steel balls inside the breast mold (to create space for the gel) and injecting a super-soft gel material (jelly) once the TPE has set.

This process limits the feasibility of gel-filled breasts on smaller A/B-cup dolls, as there may not be enough space within their breast molds for the gel material. Therefore, if you desire a doll with a generous bust, gel-filled breasts are the way to go, ensuring a lifelike feel and appearance.

Hollow Breasts: The Lightweight Alternative

As the name suggests, hollow breasts are air-filled chest cavities. Their production process is similar to gel-filled breasts, with the key difference being that the steel balls are removed, and no additional filling is performed. The result is hollow breasts that are incredibly lightweight.

Hollow breasts maintain a soft, tactile feel when kneaded, although not as soft as gel-filled breasts. They are softer than solid breasts and retain the authentic TPE softness. Hollow breasts are an excellent choice for those who prefer a lighter doll, especially for dolls with oversized cup sizes (F-cup and above). The reduced weight of hollow breasts effectively decreases the overall weight of the doll.


FunWestDoll’s commitment to customization ensures that your intimate experiences are tailored to your specific preferences. Whether you desire the weighty realism of solid breasts, the bountiful allure of gel-filled breasts, or the lightweight comfort of hollow breasts, we’ve got you covered.

Choose the perfect breasts for your dream doll, and let the adventure of desire and fantasy begin. And don’t forget, if you’re eyeing those gel-filled breasts, they’re available for free this month – an opportunity not to be missed. Explore our range today and unlock a world of sensuality and choice!