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What Do You Need to Know About Heating a Sex Doll?

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  1. Heatingarea: Except for the head and the area below the elbows and knees, all other body areas are equipped with heating and can be warmed.
  2. Heating time: Heating time varies according to the size of the doll and the thickness of the s Heating time is estimated between 2-5 hours, but can be shortened if the surrounding environment is warm, visa-versa for a cold environment.
  3. Heat retention: The doll retains a heat of roughly 28-32 °C for approximately 1-2 h If the temperature of the surrounding environment is warmer, the doll will retain heat for longer, visa versa for colder surroundings.
  4. Charging Light: After the charger is connected to a power supply a red light will appear indicating a charge. A green light represents a full charge.