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Free Dolls!! Everyone has a chance!!

Earn 10 Reward Points by commenting the blog post

Free Dolls!! Everyone has a chance!!

We want more people to discover Funwest dolls, and will select 3 winners to receive a free doll with free shipping! 

Select your favorite doll. and post comments on your favorite dolls in TDF(The Doll Forum).
The content is not limited! Tell us why she is your #1, and what you love most about her. What improvements have been made to the dolls and services.

Activity time and prizes:

May 16 – May 30, 2022.

We will select 3 winners to receive a free doll with free shipping!
Each participant can private message me to receive a $100 coupon.

Activity requirements:

1. Describe content that is valuable or creative. After we give the prizes, we will save valuable content and product improvement suggestions.
Please note that any comments and submissions may be used in future advertising or marketing activities including the Funwest website, social media accounts, or elsewhere.
2. Be willing to share your experiences with our dolls for a long time. Of course, if you also have a large number of followers on other social platforms to share, it would be better!

Awards Criteria:

1. High-profile active users: Registered for more than 5 years, very experienced in the forum.
Hope you can review our dolls and provide valuable content or good advice.
2. New active users: Registered for less than 5 years, other conditions are not limited.
Hope you really love our brand and share your feelings.
We will definitely choose at least one new user to send the doll, so everyone can actively participate.   
3. The above is not the only standard, we are willing to provide a free doll to those who sincerely help and love us.

Congratulations to everyone and your dolls in advance!

Good luck and have fun!